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Macrame Big Chokers

These Macrame Big Chokers have semiprecious stones that are larger, and semiprecious  and Sterling Silver beads that are knotted into beautiful patterns.  Any one of these macrame chokers is guaranteed to have an impact on everyone that sees you wearing it. 
There are three different styles:  Big Chokers, Tassel Chokers,  Fringe Chokers

Macrame Abalone Big Choker
Macrame Mother of Pearl Big Choker
Macrame Golden Turquoise Big Choker
Macrame SugiliteTassel Choker

Click on any necklace to see it more closely and to buy.
Chokers on this page cost $310-375.

rhodocrosite-fringe-macrame-necklace-cl-th pink-purple-fringe-necklace-cl-th opal-fringe-macrame-necklace-cl-th

Sorry, but the Macrame Necklaces below
 are no longer available.

Macrame Smoky Quartz Fringe Choker Macrame Aquamarine Tassel Choker
Macrame Coral Turquoise Big Choker
Macrame Mookaite Fringe Choker
Macrame Druzy Fringe Choker
Macrame Charoite Malachite Tassel Choker
Macrame Charoite Fringe Choker
Macrame Quartz Fringe Choker
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