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Magical Macramé Necklaces

Magical Macramé Necklaces are several different basic shapes and price ranges.
The most elaborate and costly are the Macramé U Necklaces.
Macramé Big Chokers have large set stones and sometimes have fringe or tassels.
Macramé Big Pendant Necklaces are elaborate with large set stones.
Multi-strand Macramé Necklaces have multiple strands of stones.
Macramé Snake Necklaces have Silver beads and stones along the edges.
Simple Macramé Chokers are small and smaller set stones and pendants.

Multi-strand Macrame Necklaces

Multi-strand Necklaces

Simple Macrame Chokers

Simple Macramé Chokers

Macrame Snake Necklaces

Macramé Kris Necklaces


Macramé Big Chokers

Macrame Big Chokers

Macramé Big Chokers

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